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Default Re: If Gamboa Wins, May Challenge Uchiyama?

Originally Posted by HIGHCOLLIDE View Post
1st,....uchiyama didnt look that good to me in the 3 rounds he fought farenas.
farenas looked like he had his number.

2nd,.......uchiyama would not be gamboas hardest test.

3rd,,....gamboa is not the mando to uchiyama,,he is the mando to rocky martinez,..who holds the wbo,,which is wat gamboa is fighting for tonight,,wbo interim.
He's always cautious in the early going until he decides on how to proceed. Then, he gets going and starts working behind the jab and setting up the right hand, left hook and uppercut. He did the same thing against Salgado. He was probably even more cautious with Farenas because of his reputation for "questionable" tactics.
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