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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
If I'm a knob head, so must you Mr Nelson, so must all the fanclub.

I'm saying what your saying, and others are saying, the blind zombie fanboys.

I know this fight is down London, but you and the rest of the fanclub were taunting Broner for not wanting to come to Scotland.....yet previously said, Ricky Burns will fight anywhere and anyone and you are confident wherever that Broner fight happens?

So why are you and the fanclub having a go at Broner for wanting the fight in the US? Your changing the goalposts where you see fit, your peddling backwards on your bike faster than going forward.

I know your game Billy, your getting behind your fighter, your doing what Freddie Roach does, your not gonna come out and reveal the Ricksters stage tricks, your gonna get behind your fighter no matter what. I can understand that. But what I cant understand is your downright blindness, and contradictions. Plus, your supposed to be a trainer, your supposed to be above everyone, because after all, your more qualified than any of us......and you treat everyone like ****.

Your fighter has got it coming big man. No matter what you say. I hope this fuels your fire, i hope it fuels Ricky's (I have said time and again I think he is a top bloke)....but your just a f*cking ***** Bill.

Broner came out and said in public that the fight would need to be in America if Burns did this saying the fight must be in Britain he would get slaughtered.
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