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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
OK Mr Nelson, have you any say in the 3rd fighter? Who is making these fights? You and your fighter or what?

What was your opinion on the Walsh fight, the Ocampo fight?

I'd be pleased if you answer, but you probably wont because you understand the consequences. People have asked previously, but you bypass those posts and concentrate on the "critical" ones.....because thats why you are here arent you?
Consequences from whom,nobody will tell me what to and what not to say,if people don't like what I say don't ask!
I beleive the Walsh fight would have been a good fight,Liam is a nice boxer and a good lad but he would have lost IMO.
Ocampo I never really seen a lot to make a judgement call but I beleive I'm training the best lightweight in the world bar none so I'd be confident whoever is in the opposite corner
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