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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
I don't treat anyone like **** but if I did you'd be near the top of the list,you really haven't a clue regarding boxing Craney.
Yes I'm a ***** but you'd love to do what this ***** is
Well if I dont, then the fanclub must watch boxing from a different planet.

Maybe there are people jealous of you Billy, but I can assure you, I'm not one of them. Nobody is above me or below me. We are all equal regardless of position or the things we have. I called you a *****, because you seem to abuse your "power" and you go on like your above everyone, and everyone is jealous of you. Not at all my friend. Your living in a fantasy world. There is no need to be nasty, and you have been nasty to me many a time, no need for it, and I only get nasty when you do. Dont know if you noticed that?

I ignore all the 'ers you have, I just deal with you Billy.

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Consequences from whom,nobody will tell me what to and what not to say,if people don't like what I say don't ask!
I beleive the Walsh fight would have been a good fight,Liam is a nice boxer and a good lad but he would have lost IMO.
Ocampo I never really seen a lot to make a judgement call but I beleive I'm training the best lightweight in the world bar none so I'd be confident whoever is in the opposite corner
Thank you for the post, for once it was insightful, and not hateful.

I sitll think Ricky is stagnating, and will continue to do so with poor matchmaking. If Ricky wants the big fights, he has got to get a reputation of big fight fighter. The top guys in the division wont look at him twice if he is fighting what they think are bums.

I hope we get the Broner fight early next year, have you got any update on this Billy?
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