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Default Re: For the Naysayers - How did JMM defeat Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
For all the nay sayers whining about foot stomping and PEDs, lets hear your opinions.

How was JMM able to get the knockout?

Some may want to pick a combination of things, but focus on the predominant reason you feel he won.

1. Natural strenght training, great timing, ring IQ and general boxing brilliance.

2. Steroids (Do not magically make you stronger or faster)

3. Intentionally stepping on Pacquiao's lead foot.

Juan won because he was able to stay cool, calm and collected in the face of adversity. He was in a real war with PAC....a War that he was losing....JMM was hurt, bloodied and behind...Yet he stuck to his game plan and did his best to avoid the hail storm of punches that PAC was raining down on him and at the very last second to the end of round 6....Juan found his opportunity that came from a charging PAC who had Juan cornered and BAM! Counter right hand, right on the button and the rest is history. Talk about drama....that had everything you could ask for from two boxers. Skill, heart, determination and both fighters throwing caution to the wind taking risks in order to win. Fight of the year!!
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