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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Originally Posted by rossco666 View Post

Craney you trolling again? Its eather that or your insane.
Your view on Ricky Burns fans doesnt exsist in reality. Your getting all sarcy over something you've totally made up yourself. ****ing loon
Not trolling at all.

Its seems this is the only thing that the Burns fanclub can come up with now, when they know you are right, you are a "troll" because they dont like what they hear. THE TRUTH HURTS. This group does exist, I've seen it time and time again here. So just stop trying to discredit that. Its BS.

Notice how its always the same few that keep coming back? I touched on this earlier, whenever the Ricky's name is mentioned, they are here soon enough. And if they actually read what i say, I've said a million and one times I've nothing against Ricky Burns, the man seems like a top man, and we need more people like this in boxing. What I dont like from time to time, is his trainers attitude, and this group of fanboys. Mostly Scottish lads.

Always the same handful of people, which proves my point of this deluded blind zombie fanclub on here.

I'm stating to get pretty confident that we have some plants/shills/stooges on here. Trying to discredit relevant points in order to twist it around on the person who made the point, so everyone can point the finger at the one who went against the "norm".

Put it this way, if you were a promoter in this day and age, or around a fighter, this is what you would do. You know how important PR is on the internet and in the public eye. In order to make said fight seem better than he is, and to play down all the critics as just trolls.

It must be that Ricky Burns is Scottish and you finally have something to hold onto, and you wont take anything anybody else says because he is "your boy"......I said it before, nobody will make you realize on here, until "your boy" gets beaten.

Even if Broner beats "your man", because we know this group move the goalposts anyway, it'll be "Broner is still ****" or "Ricky has nothing to be ashamed of"

Mark my words.

(.....and I'll be here when it happens, not to gloat or laugh, just to say I told you so.)

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