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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

I don't see Nate having great boxing skills. Too sloppy and unorthodox. I see Nick having better hands to be honest. Both have awkward styles, but the reach and leverage they get from those long arms are definitely an asset in boxing.
Now my assessment may not be fair, as they would likely adapt a technique more suited to boxing - if they were to go that route. But the wide open guard and wild looping shots would definitely be a downfall. And anyone who's trained before knows, it's hard to break bad habits than learn new ones. Plus Nate is seriously lacking handspeed.

So i only partially agree.

I think Nate and Nick have some physical and mental assets that would make them great competitors in any sport, and they would likely have a successful career in pro boxing. But I don't see either of them fighting top names, or holding any belts. They would probably do well fighting unknown low to mid level fighters.

So all in all, I think they would do OK in pro boxing, but belong in MMA.
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