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Default Re: parrert vs griffith death match

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
I've heard that Goldstein was considered to be a very good ref. I suppose even very good refs can have a very bad night. And this was a horrid night for Goldstein. He was way too slow to step in and stop that fight. It was pretty darn bad. Maybe he had just gotten too old and his reflexes weren't what they once were. But to allow the guy to just lay there in the corner and along the ropes in a semi-conscious state not defending himself at all, and just take clean blow after clean blow in nonstop fashion, well that is inexcusable and unjustifiable.
As Burt has mentioned Paret had taken a bad beating from Gene Fullmer in his previous fight , being floored 3 times in the 10th before being stopped.
Fullmer himself in Heller's," In This Corner," believed he was responsible for the tragedy.

Ironically Goldstein was criticized for what was seen as a premature stoppage in the Robinson Turpin return fight, he was considered to have panicked because of a recent ring tragedy involving Georgie Flores. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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