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Default Re: Jeffries Admits Munroe Did Not Merit Title Chance

"His opinion of Jeffries was echoed by Gene Tunney years later."

This is Jack Johnson on beating Jeffries from the Ring in 1946

"A great fighter had fallen that day. A man whom I always cherished as a superhuman ringman, had been taken into tow by me and that was something to cherish."

And Tunney on Jeffries, quoted in 1940

"I know there are first-rate judges of boxing who pick the big fellow as the greatest of all. But I am not one of them. The ring strategy of Jeffries was entirely the thinking of Tommy Ryan. Tommy taught him the famous crouch, body hunched away over and left hand stuck out. Had him just go plodding ahead like that pushing the left out straight. Jeffries decisive quality was his tremendous physical toughness and endurance, the brawny giant who could hardly be hurt. The Ryan system was for Jeffries to take all the beating the other fellow could give him, just go plodding in a crouch and absorb all the punches that came his way, until his opponent wore himself out hitting him. It has been said that Jeffries . . . often displayed little love for battle, and sometimes wanted to quit. Well, you could hardly blame him with that Tommy Ryan strategy of having Jeffries take all the beating the other fellow could hand out."

In the interest of fairness, here is Jeffries on Tunney.

"Tunney wouldn't have lasted three rounds with Fitzsimmons."

**Take these champions' opinions for what they are worth, but I would say that they are all self-serving. Johnson wants his victim Jeff considered great. Tunney would prefer Jeff be diminished in favor of his victim, Dempsey. And Jeff diminished Tunney in favor of his victim, Fitz.
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