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Default Re: Do you think JMM was on something?

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
Why is it the default position that Heredia IS dodgy, and not WAS dodgy?

As he said himself, he was young and stupid. He's left that behind him.
And you buy that at total face value why? Because that is what you WANT to believe.

Fact is, anyone saying he absolutely WAS or WASN"T on PEDs for this fight has an agenda and is not fit to objectively discuss it.

Relax. Having an opinion on whether he is or isn't on roids doesn't have to mean it's some sort of excuse. I personally think Pac was on something at least at some point too. If Juan is ever caught, we can talk again, but for now JMM won because JMM threw a perfectly timed hard counter shot. He wanted this more and good for him.
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