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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

Originally Posted by gumbo2176 View Post
I have read the responses, mine included, and for the most part they are all saying the Diaz brothers would not fair well in the boxing ring with their style of striking.

Just because nobody is really lining up with your opinion, you seem to have a problem. That's not wisecracks, that's educated opinions by folks that have seen both these guys in the cage several times to come to the conclusions we've come to. They would get smoked in a boxing match.
I truly do not have a problem, this is the internet! It's possible you got me wrong

I've seen about two "educated responses" posted just recently. Transitioning from any Sport to another is a process, and I think it's ignorant to say they would get smoked in a Boxing match . Maybe you are picturing them in a ring with Top Contenders, but that is not what I suggested.
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