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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I dont hate Scotland, I dont hate anyone here. Im pointing out the facts, I said this before regarding the Scottish fanbase. They FINALLY have something to hold onto in sport again, there own Scottish fighter, hero, champion, whatever. Its about pride at the end of the day, its not like you lot can rely on your football teams.

But this is clouding peoples thoughts, and whether you like it or not, this group does exist, like it exists around Ricky Hatton or anybody else. This deluded fanboy culture who will stand by their fighter no matter what, no matter if its complete BS. The fighter can do and say no wrong, and when they get shocked/proved wrong, they try to move the goalposts.

Its no different from football supporters and supporting their team. Its tribal. Thats why I dont attach myself to a fighter or support them like some of you do. I try to remain neutral. But I dont know whether your reading this part or not, but I dont mind Ricky Burns, he seems like a top guy and a good boxer.

But I think the fanboys ignore that bit when I say it, and look at the rest to have some sort of go at, as usual.

What I dont like is the fanclub around the fighter, and the attitude of the trainer at times, towards some boxing fans.

No, I dont fit into that demographic stereotype, of a **** head that goes to fights looking to get into a s****, like Billy would probably assume, "just another ****head and troll" type of thing.

For one I dont drink, and for two I dont go to fights anymore, and for three, I'm not trolling, Im providing a clear, alternative, and different opinion to some of you, which sometimes may be different to the "norm"....that doesnt make anybody a troll.
Correct Craney.You do provide an alternative opinion but you and I know you'd have a lot less fun on here if Ricky Burns wasn't champion or was signed to fight Broner.

My only real problem with you is that you make sweeping generalisations,asserting that the vast majority of Burns fans assume he will destroy Broner and follow him blindly,regardless of feelings about opposition.
The vast majority of Ricky Burns fans in here are amongst the most grounded and realistic on the forum,and the only "controversial" opinion they have is that some of them believe Ricky can beat Broner.
Good for them.Would you rather fans of British boxers went around expecting their guy to lose?
You know we're not happy about this fight,but stop giving people unfamiliar with the subject the impression that we're all like the most deluded Klit****s on the General please.
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