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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

Originally Posted by Brisbox View Post
A) why would they leave before the peak of their MMA career
B) it would be like starting from scratch standup wise it's completely different
#1) Because it's clear to see that the sport has rapidly evolved over the past 5-10 years. In my first response I asked "BJJ and what else??"

The Diaz Brothers have NOTHING going for them besides Boxing and BJJ, which has taken them thus far. This year we saw the two hot headed stoners throw fits in the cage as they were outclassed. It's been proven over and over in recent fights that they cannot do their thing in that cage against well rounded Mixed Martial Artist. They need to leave the Sport because their best has not been good enough, and I do not see them being offensive enough with their grappling to make a difference.

We can see what is missing in their game, but I don't expect the two to making the adjustments that are required for UFC Gold. If Nick Diaz somehow gets a gift of a title shot and somehow takes the belt, he won't hold it for long as he will be exploited by another well rounded fighter.

#2) This is true, but throwing hands is what they love to do.

The two go rounds with a former Gold Medalist, P4P fighter Andre Ward.... I don't think the transition to Boxing would be as hard as some think.

They will have greater success in Pro Boxing as far as money, and all the things that come with it (popularity, publicity, and support) are concerned. The checks and fights in The UFC will get smaller and smaller, wait and see as they fall down the ranks.
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