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Default Get the most out of Kessler

I'm from DK, so i'm obvious a huge Kessler fan, but I always tries to stay rather objective, it can be hard since there are only one danish fighter who fighting at top level. In my mind there are very little doubt that Kessler will never win against Ward. So Ward is a clear nr one i SMW and Kessler and Froch are 2 and 3 or 3 and 2.

Here is my question/thoughts;

What does Kessler has to do to achive the most out of his potential?, fight second fights against Ward and Froch, fight smaller, but still big fights in against the other fighters in SMW such as Abraham, Bute (what is Dirrell doing, not much i guess?) etc.

Or should he move up and fight at light heavy? and how would you rate that division with Kessler up there. Does he stand a chance against the US fighters and the Cleverly?

I myself hopes that he will move up, take on the big names and see how far it would bring him, i guess he has bigger chance to be nr. one in LH than in SMW, because Ward is in my opinion one of the very best fighters P4P, so he will probably rule whatever division he chooses to rule.. Which seems to be at SMW or perhaps at Middleweight?

I'm looking forward to hear from you.
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