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Default Re: Colin Hart in the hall of fame

Originally Posted by mckay_89 View Post
And? It's not just about your in ring achievements, it's about what you did for the sport and Gatti did a ****ing insane amount for boxing. Like I said, him and Ward were responsible for turning a huge amount of people onto the sport. I kind of disagree with him getting in on the first ballot, and I think if he hadn't died he wouldn't have got in straight away, but I don't have a problem with him being in there. He was involved in many great fights and had an unbelievable following in his day. Guys like Gatti don't come around very often.
What a load of ****. If it's not about accomplishments, let's get Frank Bruno in. Popular, made for exciting fights, put the sport on top in the UK.

Entry into the HoF SHOULD be about who you've beaten. At least McGuigan has one top tier win. Gatti has nothing of any actual merit, except for holding a belt in a horribly watered down era.

And I like Gatti, but it's a disservice to other, better fighters. If Gatti is in, why isn't Hamed?

Your reasoning is, without being too rude to you, a load of **** and cum.
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