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Default Re: Video of Marquez training for the KO punch

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
Let's be fair....All the PED accusations that were thrown at PAC were believed by those who pointed towards PAC's KO's at higher weights as "PROOF" that PAC was doping.

It's silly as **** but that seems to be the trend these days in this sport.
Maybe he was, maybe h wasn't. The point is both Mayweather and marquez were willing to undergo testing to fight Pac. Team Pacquiao for whatever reason didn't want to.

If they felt he was cheating, they should have cancelled the fight. He tried to get fancy with a seasoned ATG and got clipped, it happens! It's like his hardcore fans are making excuses when Pacman himsef is at peace witrh the loss. You guys are going to drive yourself crazy worrying about PED use!
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