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Default Re: Video of Marquez training for the KO punch

Originally Posted by Stinky gloves View Post
From a boxer who has ATG skills, HOF ring IQ and is considered as one of the best
counter punchers in history it is strange he must rely on 1 KO punch to get one win
in 4 attempts ... this just shows how overall good PAC is ... by loosing one battle
from 4 just because of one single sneaky KO punch.
He won 1 out of 4 because he was robbed on the cards in what would have been other victories (I have it 2-2, but others have it 3-1 and 4-0 for JMM)

Also, it wasnt just one shot, he put Pac down hard earlier in the fight.

But anyways, the point is, he had to rely on 1 punch because he probably wasnt going to get a fair shake if he didnt stop Pac.

Lets not forget that JMM himself is almost 40 years old.


Pac is great though.... indeed.

Him being able to come back from that knockdown (I dont think people realise how hurt he was when he went down) to come back and take control of the fight the way he did, is greatness. He just wound up getting caught with a game changer in the process. **** happens.

Two ATG's.

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