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Default Re: NY Times suspicious of Márquez

Originally Posted by Duckyy View Post
You act like you know what you are saying.

You say you can balloon up when you start taking protein, acting like protein is what causes you get that added weight. Last time I checked protein isn't high in calories and calories are what make you gain weight.

16 lbs in two months. And how much is that muscle?

Steroids gives you more of a cut? Yeah you don't know what you are talking about.

You have no ****ing clue what you're talking about. If you and i stand side to side, it would be very obvious who goes to the gym 6 times a week and who sits on their fat ass typing away on a message board.

The protein IS what gives me that weight. When I work out hard without it, I stay within the realm of 155-159, and i never tip the scales past 160.

When i start training harder with my added protein I start gaining massive weight, and it only takes me roughly 2 months to tip the scales at 170, which is where i'm at. Eating the same, everything else being equal, the protein is the difference.

If Marquez was on steroids, he wouldn't have that body, he would be much more ripped. I have friends that cycle on steroids, I've seen it for myself, in their physique and strength.

if posting pics of my before and after body wasn't so gay, I would post up.

p.s. judging from my strength and cutness I would say most of it is muscle.
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