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Default Re: Barry McGuigan - I've had enough of you.

Originally Posted by ardy View Post
If you know anything about McGuigans boxing history, you will know that he didn't avoid Nelson, sure the same could be argued that Nelson avoided McGuigan, but that's not true either. No promoter offered them the contest for the money it was worth, and also they were building towards the unification fight only Barry got derailed by Cruz. And besides back in 84/85/86 Nelson wasn't considered the household name he was to become [ it was a major shock when he defeated Gomez], most people thought if McGuigan and Nelson fought, then Barry would win, and I'm sure Barry would have thought the same.
Barney Eastwood said he kept McGuigan away because Nelson would have killed him, I don't know many people around here who gave McGuigan much if any kind of a shot.

Michael, I suggest you read Eastwoods book, THAT is an eye opener

as for this "bringing people together" stuff...well i've said my piece on that myth more times than enough
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