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Default Re: Who were the most durable heavyweights ever?

mcvey says :So, if Jerry Quarry was punching with the smaller gloves of yester-year,and hitting men who wore no gumshields, his power would be significantly improved? Is this your premise?
I think it would be improved. But keep in mind, less padding in the gloves, and no wraps or wraps by the standards of the time means Quarry’s would be more prone to hand injuries, and perhaps become more judicious with his power in longer fights. Quarry was not a big puncher. I do not think he would be one in 1930 or 1900.

Taking the champions first. I know you set great store by knockdowns in sparring because you have repeated ad-nauseum that Gunboat Smtih stunned Jack Johnson in an exhibition match to the point his manger[your spelling ,]stopped it . Actually Smith put Johnson halfway through the ropes not on the floor,and this is verified by Smith's own lips, but lets continue to my point ,Vitali was dropped in training by two sparring partners,[2005,]so should we exclude him?

I would not quote “ In this Corner “ as if it’s the gospel truth. It has its share of errors, and goes into detail 40+ years after the fact based on the opinions of the fighters, which isn’t always accurate. The NY times states that Gunboat Smith floored Johnson and made him see stars. Johnson could not continue, and the action was halted. I am not counting sparring sessions. I am only going on in the ring news reports or video. Since you brought it up, please show me a press clipping that says Vitali was floored in camp. I want names and dates from a news report, not gym rumors. Fair enough? Produce this and I will give you props. Vitali belongs on this list.

Valuev is a good shout, Jeannette is not, Johnson, who was not an explosive puncher floored Jeannette multiple times. Chuvalo makes it because he did not have much defence, and took big shots flush.
Your other choices are good.
Jeannette is listed as honorable mention. Jeanette did not mature as a heavyweight until later. Jeannete had 106 fights, and was only stopped twice. His first KO loss happened when he was under 170 pounds in his 3rd pro fight. Jeannette had no know amateur experience. The other was to Langford in 1916 when he was past his prime. Jeanette fought many wars with Langford, Wills, and Mcvey. To only be stopped once in the series when he was past his best to me says he had amazing recuperation powers, and a solid chin. I listed Valuev as honorable mention as well. Valuev was shook up a bit from time to time, and never tested vs the best punchers. But he was also never floored, and due to his size was hard to move.

Upon further review, I think Uzcudun and Godoy should me mentioned. Not so sure about Tommy Farr

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