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Default Re: NY Times suspicious of Márquez

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
The power difference came from some where, as did the buliking he did in the 3rd and 4th fight.

It is hard to put on weight while doing cardio, I have no doubt like Manny he was aided in doing so with the help of the PEDs from Angel.

This is the first time Juan ever put Manny down with one clean blow. EVER. He never was able to do that landing the exact same punch before in any of the 3 previous fights. Hell he caught him with the same right hand counter on Manny coming in before and never put him out like that before.

The power came from somewhere, because he never exhibited before and it is my opinion that looking at who he sought out, Angel, it came from him and his specialty, which is designer steroids.

Marquez put on major mass compared to his usual frame, late in life and also developed serous one punch power at 147 in the process, while still retaining stamina to go punch for punch with Manny and not be winded in any way in the 6 rounds they had.

Marquez is clearly a PED user in my opinion and I don't blame him, Manny is on it too.
First of all, I believe everyone is on something in sports, you're only smart if you are able to escape it. As olympian Ben Johnson already stated "Everyone cheats", this isn't anything new to anyone that follows sports in depth.

Now to get on topic yet again. As I previously stated, Marquez never looked anything supernatural in this fight. What PEDs do is greatly enhance stamina, recovery and activity. It does NOT develop power overnight because if it did, almost ALL professional boxers would have great KO ratios. What Marquez did was hire a controversial(nothing different from others who escape their own formulas) yet experienced and great conditioner. Marquez' gameplan in this one was obvious, he wanted to use his usual counter punching but be more offensive than normal due to his power training. If anything, it looked like Marquez was tiring already from the pummeling he took, blood loss and cuts as the fight progressed. I didn't notice anything supernatural there that are clear cut indications of heavy PED usage, NONE of it whatsoever. I just saw a dedicated fighter fighting the same way he always did only more offensive than usual because it was clearly do or die for him this time, he was clearly opening up at some points to get knocked out his self. PEDs do NOT develop a solid chin overnight, otherwise as I said again, everyone will have an iron chin in this sport.

That's just my opinion on the subject and I'm sure many will agree that Marquez hardly looked supernatural compared to before. Was Tarver on PEDs in his rematch with Jones Jr. despite what happened in the first round?, was Martinez on PEDs in his rematch against Williams? I have FAR more examples to share. Pacquiao got caught cold by a punch he didn't expect, it happens in this sport and shouldn't come as a surprise. What happened here is Boxing, not PEDs.
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