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Default Re: Gatti officially inducted into the boxing hall of fame

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
Yeah,but Stallone is clearly defined as being inducted as a non participant.I'm saying Gatti shouldn't be included under the same category as say,Duran.
It should be made clear and categories should be more defined if this is the way ahead.
And going on what some here are saying,Pernell has no place in the HOF.
Yeah, more of like the guy got inducted due to entertainment value.

I see where Pity is coming from, the guys inducted to the hall, or to put it simply, the hall was made for men who accomplished a lot in the sport. Do you really believe Gatti belongs in the same sentence at Robinson, Ali, Armstrong among others?

They should put a new category for that, entertainment value. Completely separated from actual greatness.
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