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Default Re: Gatti officially inducted into the boxing hall of fame

Originally Posted by SugarShane_24 View Post
Yeah, more of like the guy got inducted due to entertainment value.

I see where Pity is coming from, the guys inducted to the hall, or to put it simply, the hall was made for men who accomplished a lot in the sport. Do you really believe Gatti belongs in the same sentence at Robinson, Ali, Armstrong among others?

They should put a new category for that, entertainment value. Completely separated from actual greatness.
That's exactly what I mean mate.No problem with his induction if it was clearly defined as being separate from the names mentioned.

Originally Posted by jeffjoiner View Post
The problem is, Gatti was a participant. The Hall would need to add a "fan favorite" or "warrior" category.

Actually, that's not a bad idea. Hatton would be a logical next guy in that wing, and a guy like Dwight Muhammad Qawi would stand a chance.
Now DMQ is a fabulous suggestion for a new category.Maybe it could even be called "The Arturo Gatti Special Achievement Award" letting everyone know it's based on great contribution through excitement and/or bravery.
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