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Default Re: Burns seeks new opponent (again)

Got time for football, but I aint got time for most of the fans though.

They are some, if not the worst, scum zombie ****ed up singing deluded tribalistic dumb-down biased blind brainwashed sport fans in all of sport.

It hurts me when I see some supporters of my football club being like that. But lets be honest, every football club has its fair share of idiots and part-time fans.

Thats why I like boxing, there is a class, respect and understanding, around one of, if not the most, brutal sport out the lot. I know boxing fans can be tribal
and just as bad sometimes, but I have some hope that deep down, they know how much the fighters risk. Whether you like a certain fighter or not, you should at the very least respect them for what they do and not who they necessarily are.

How many times can you say that for footballers......a handful maybe? Football is all about money, and while the world is all about it, Boxing is no different, but there is a bit of worth, glory, true victory and real to Boxing. I can relate to where some of the fighters have come from, and that means a lot to me in sport.....I cant relate with many footballers thats for sure. A bunch of pampered, over paid, diving, cheating aliens.
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