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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

people say floyd runs and doesn't fight ... even a guy like floyd, who prides himself on his defensive skills and ability to come out of fights without taking much punishment, will trade and exchange with the opponent and won't just jab and grab

wlad on the other hand is either hugging if not jabbing and jabbing if not hugging ... ive seen this guy nearly KO an opponent but started clinching because he moved into closer range and accidentally closed the distance ... and the other guy was against the ropes, helpless with his guard up ... even steward had to beg this heartless, cowardly clown to throw the right hand

even steward admitted that most of the guys wlad fights are just there for the check and don't even believe that they can beat the man

we've seen both Puritty and Brewster overcome this back pedaling outstretched arms GLASS by showing heart, grit and determination ... Marciano could do the same

its clear that he doesn't have confidence in his chin and skill which is why he uses his reach to peck away
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