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Default Re: Joe Louis the hardest a human can be punched ?

A few comments on Joe Louis as the most perfect puncher who ever lived. Powerful legs, muscular structure, uncanny leverage and perfect balance make Louis the No1 heavyweight destroyer...Yet I reflect on a prime Louis hitting a human punching bag Abe Simon with everything in his ****nal for 13 rounds before Simon was stopped in 1941...
Thirteen rounds ! I cannot envision lumbering Abe Simon lasting 3 rounds with the prime Jack Dempsey who destroyed an iron jawed Jess Willard [really in the first round],
pancaked the crude but powerful Angel Firpo in 2 rounds, Fred Fulton in a minute, Carl
Morris and Gunboat Smith all in one round...Dempsey's style was akin to a Roberto Duran
in sheer viciousness and killer instinct whilst Joe louis's style was a forerunner of the great lightweight Alexis Arguello...Leverage and timing...My No#3 puncher was the young
powerhouse Mike Tyson... When young he was a force of nature....
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