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Default Re: Pick out interesting tune ups for Marquez and Pacquiao

Originally Posted by ei.goud View Post
pacquaio v malinaggi....paulie deserves a payday...pension money.....from mannys point of view its a good run out against a fast capable boxer without any risk of a ko happening, be good for confidence, and its a world title, which would be a nice 'up for grabs' trinket in pacquaio v marquez would be another bit of spin too for the promotion of '5'..."since they met last time pacquaio has once again become world champion"

marquez v senchenko......mcgrain made a good point earlier on another thread i thought....marquez has a style that causes pacquaio problems, but yet can not be effective against a lesser opponent...he'd need to be careful on a tune up fight that its not a style of opponent that could beat him, based on that i think senchenko would be a resonable blend of safe opponent, doesnt bang too hard (despite what hattons ribs might say) and is a recent champ coming off a win.
No, no, no - you're doing it wrong.

The primary aim of a tune-up is, of course, to keep one staying busy & sharp so they're not rusty heading into a "Big Event".

The secondary aims are manifold, however, and of not much less importance:

- Have it be someone decent enough so as to avoid the sort of flack Pong would get for taking on cab drivers and ladyboys in their debut.

- Have it be someone beatable enough so as to not spoil the party, as Josesito did for Canelo and Ortiz.

Tricky balance to strike already, walking the line between that second and third. We're still not done yet!

- If at all possible, have it serve to whet the public's appetite for the "Big Event" to come. Ideally this is done by having each presumptive combatant tune up against a "poor man's version" of the other. If that isn't viable (no such candidates who also fit criterion #2 & #3) then it's best to keep the opponents at least in the same stylistic ballpark as the rival on the horizon.

You want to have the styles diametrically opposed if you can help it.

So to really simplify it, in a Big Event that pits a boxer vs. a puncher, you want the boxer to face a lesser puncher and the puncher to face a lesser boxer. (along the lines of my Marquez vs. Melligen and Pacquiao vs. Senchenko suggestions).

To quote one Egon Spengler, "Don't cross the streams!"

You certainly aren't going to build impulse for the Big Event by having the boxer take on another pure boxer. Having the puncher take on a lesser puncher is alright, if not ideal, as it will at least produce entertainment and is more likely to end in a fan-satisfying KO.

Marquez vs. Senchenko, though? Ugh. **** that, friend. Remember Marquez vs. Fedchenko? Yeah. We don't want another of those, do we?

Granted, I think Slava is a bit more offensive-minded and a bit less capable of pulling off a constant-motion very negative all-D performance like the one Sergei graced us it's likely as not Marquez would grind him down and stop him (really stop him, not cut him up like Malignaggi) - but it wouldn't really be any fun while it lasted.

It also doesn't give Marquez a look to help keep him in the "beat Pacquiao" mindset...the same way spanking a Melligen would distract Pacquiao from the tactics and habits he should be sharpening to use against Marquez.

You've got the right idea with Pacquiao vs. Malignaggi there.

(note: I'm not saying either Malignaggi or Senchenko is going to be mistaken as a carbon copy of JMM...nor is Melligen similar enough to Pacquiao that you can't easily pick apart how different they are even putting talent aside... The point is that while Senchenko uses more of a stand-up Euro style, and Marquez incorporates more of a classic Mexican body-banging "take two hits to land a better one" paradigm deftly blended with his own off-the-charts intelligence and Nacho-fueled finesse...they're both counter-punchers. Both are vaguely more on the "technical boxer" side of things, along with a Malignaggi who himself has a third completely different drumbeat to march to... likewise brawlers like Melligen and Rios serve for better "previews" of Pac than a cutie-pie...)
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