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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao Meme

Originally Posted by Keitaro2187 View Post
if this was floyd, pac****s would be at 100 pages.. manny got knocked the **** out cold plain and simple F' all you lames who are doing that "warrior talk". Manny is not God he is not above being the butt of jokes stop crying and hope your man doesnt get KTFO by rios. Look at it this way pac****s you still have donaire
The irony of this all is killing me. The worst fan base in the history of sports, the fan base that spent years photoshopping KFC buckets and "The Monkey Team" and so much other disrespectful garbage. Years spamming youtube, here, scene, and so many other places with pure racism, idiocy and hatred. That fan base is now in threads begging and pleading for us to stop making fun of their fallen hero.

Face it pac****s, Plankiao is now the butt of photoshops and jokes around the world.
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