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Default Re: Roy Jones and how he feels about the other commentators

I love when RJJ calls a fight. I love the actual fighter perspective. He will be mellow with the other guys cause that's easy $$$$$ and he knows better then to screw it up. I work in TV and most people in the business are total softies that can't take any confrontation or correction. So if RJJ rips into one of those other douches on the air, they will view him as unstable or a problem. Sports TV is run by a bunch nerds that never competed in any type of athletics.

On a side note, if Lampley was any farther up Manny's ass, they would need surgery to remove him. He totally sucks!!!!! The verbal tongue bath of Manny and freddy while they were doing mitts before the fight was pathetic. He needs to wear a condom while he does pacquiao fights cause that dude loses his sauce when manny is around. Awesome fight by the way.
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