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Default why do many boxing coaches think boxing is damn different from other sports???

before i begin my rant lol

i have been boxing for over 10 years with a few different coaches,
i have also done bjj-grappling, wrestling and other martial arts and weight training
so i have been around a bit

but one thing has really annoyed lately with my coach,

why the fcuk does he think that boxing is different and special from other sports..

you tell him whatever
muay thai guys or hockey players or whatever
do this or that for speed or power

the answer is always
well they are not boxers, boxing is different

interesting that in other combat sports i have done
the people and coaches seem to understand that
all combat sports are related and training methods
can be shared, while understanding that all have unique aspects to them.

but not some of these boxing coaches
today he was asking me about my running lately
and another boxer mentioned
circut training,
the answer "that maybe works for mma or wrestlers,
boxers dont need that"

like what the ****, seriously
now this is not a debate about circuts vs running etc
but it looks like some of these coaches dont want to do any research at all

and ofcourse, this guy is anti-weights(thinks anything weight training besides punching with 2 pound weights is BODYBUILDING)
said that even if your threating an injury, NO WEIGHTS

so like many he will tell you the greatness of body weight excerises
but i noticed he doesnt really now much about them
when it comes to proper form,
what is the main muscle being used, which is secondary etc

last week he told my friend
"if you want to build muscle and look good
just run"

my friend is 270 pounds and was concerned with injuring his knees etc
the coach says no no, running will only make things stronger
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