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Default Re: Bring on Cotto vs Marquez at Catch weight!

Originally Posted by JoeCamelTow View Post
WHen are you fools ever going to learn weight only makes a difference when
two fighters are even in the skills dept(see Pac/Margarito Jones/Ruiz etc).

JMM's accurate counter punches would find easier targets than they did against Pac. Expect for Cotto to start retreating around the usual 6 rounds.
as a Miguel fan, I hate to admit that the only time he keeps bulling is when he has success and fighters break down like Judah, the Mayweather fight is a slight exception but he hadn't looked that good in a long time, no way Marquez retreats and breaks down leaving Cotto to have his way. Marquez ring i.q. To high to not make it compe titive over cottos slight physical advantage.
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