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Default Re: This win has a tremendous amount of meaning

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
Im no more a Pac fan then I am a fan of about 50 other fighters. And I could name about 10 other ones that I root for more. This has nothing to do with me liking or not liking any fighters. I think Marquez was robbed in the 3rd fight, I picked Marquez to win this fight and I was rooting for him during the fight until he scored the knockdown, then I felt bad for Pac .

This has nothing to do with me liking Pac. It has to do with being fair, using sense, and seeing reality, or at the very, very least, understanding how others can view it the way they do. You need to state that I am a Pac fan to somehow rationalise why I hold the views I do. When in fact I am by no means a real true 'Pac fan'. I like him as I would like any outstanding boxing champion who has a pleasing style and is a 'nice' guy outside the ring. Now, guys like Salido and Martinez? Those are two that you can accuse me of being true fans of. Guilty for sure on that. And guess what? I think Salido is juicing as well.

I have pointed out other times you have been bias when discussing Hoya, Cotto, ect. You have a habit of spinning things the way you want to see them in which the result is no longer fair and objective, and in doing so you dont seem to understand that you are becoming a different side to the same coin of the very type of fans and posters you dont like.

I want to stress I am not saying that I dont do this on certain subjects, Im sure that back in the day I probably did the same for Fernando Vargas or Ricardo Mayorga But Im just telling you man.... the truth of it. You are no longer an objective poster. And thats fine, maybe boxing and boxers needs its die hard fans of certain fighters, but Im just telling you, that you, Doc, and a few others are just the opposite side of the coin when it comes to Pac****s. Same game just different team. Instead of saying **** the game and viewing things objectively.

And I would expect you to call me out for the same if it was me doing it. And if you think I am being bias now, or wrong, I will sit back and rethink my position on this. But what makes me think I am right, is this is far from the first time I have seen you argue to fit an agenda for a fighter.

I consider myself a 'fan' of JMM in the same way Im a 'fan' of Pac, hes an excellent champion, classy, and an ATG (imo). The dude finally took the W that the judges wouldnt give him. That is awesome and amazing.... and to do it at 39 and against a fighter like Pac, its the stuff of legend (imo). But I also am not going to look past obvious things.... JMM himself is in decline despite the win, Pac is in decline and has been, I also think JMM is on some level of PED use, wouldnt shock me if Pac was, and all that is fairly irrelevent to me in light of the bigger picture, Marquez level as a fighter and the manner in which he won this fight. I hope he goes on to a few more big wins (Can you imagine Marquez vs Garcia/Mathhysse/Rios/Bradley??? Any of those fights would be awesome)

But it aint no thing m'man. Like I said, I have done the same in the past and maybe in some stroke of irony I am the one being blind here Only difference is, I couldnt care less about any Pac agenda. I am by no means on his express, am not some diehard pac fan. You are quite obviously a huge Marquez fan. And believe me man, it shows in your lack of objectivity.

anyways, I swear this is my last post on it in this thread lol, like you said, we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I will sit back and rethink my stance though, maybe I am indeed the one that is being unfair.

Enjoy Marquez's beautiful win man.... it was one for the ages
Okay man, if you say so then I have to believe you, your a straight up guy... I just found it odd that in the middle of mass celebrations on ESB, you were one of the very few that was taking your time to scrutinize... At least that is the impression that I got. My bad.
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