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Default Alternate Career History For Ketchel

Let's say he didn't take Papke lightly in their second fight and did to him in their second fight what he did in their 3rd. He planned to fight Tommy Burns after the second Papke fight so lets say he wins the HW crown, then what? He did fight Langford and Johnson but would he have given them Title shots?

Win or lose at HW what could have accomplished at MW had he not died. Fights against Klaus, Carpantier, Dillon, Chip how long could Stanley have held on to the title? He would have turned 30 years old in Sept 1916. I could see Ketchel defending the HW title a couple times before giving Langford or Johnson a shot and losing it then focusing on MW. I do think he could hold on to the title for several more years against guys like the ones listed above.

Lastly, while unlikely i cant help but dream about Greb vs Ketchel. Lets say late 1916 or early 1917 with Ketchel just having turned 30 years old. My default thought is of course Greb wins but Harry would have to swarm one of the sports greatest punchers and while completely different from Greb, Stan is also known for his awkward punching angles with his switches. That could present a riddle for Greb to solve which he may struggle with, perhaps long enough for Ketchel's power to play a decisive role.

For those more familiar with the MW, LHW, HW divisions of those years who would have been likely foes for Stanley and how do you think he would have done against them?
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