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Default Re: Who were the most durable heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
So Vitali gets dropped by a livershot?

As I've said before at time, anyone can get dropped by that.
Even Mccall had to quit once against Tyson in a sparring match probably because of a livershot (after enormous amounts of sparring these 2 had).

I punched a friend pretty lightly in the liver when we were ****ing around( no pun intended) and he was already like holy**** this hurts ****ing bad.

Other 2 were true "chin *******s" on Vitali, though getting dropped by a tornado kick isn't really bad.
A spinning kick + 230 lbs guy is much worse than even a left hook from Wlad.

Both the boxers who dropped Vitali, Walker, and Butler ,are heavy duty bangers ,no shame being floored by them , particularly in sparring where different things are worked on . I only mentioned them to highlight some double standards by the thread maker.
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