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Default Re: Alternate Career History For Ketchel


It's very hard to say. If you imagine that Ketchel stays focused he could certainly hang with any middleweights. His style was deeper than is generally given credit for, but he may have been running out of time in terms of the validity of that style on a long enough timeline. Secondly, it's a young man's style - it's not just a matter of the opium and the booze and the bad crowd. It's the terrific beating he took from Papke and the high-voltage style. Nobody with that style lasts long, especially not in that era.

Langford and Johnson would obviously both beat him. The type of man he was means that he wouldn't be staying away from these guys, he would fight them and lose.

Imagining his 1908 form extended through the ages (which wouldn't happen) he could hang with literally anyone in the MW division up to Greb, who would outpoint him.
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