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Default Re: Colin Hart in the hall of fame

Originally Posted by gasman View Post
Its the Boxing Hall of FAME. Gatti is a legend, doesnt matter that he wasnt the most skillful. What do you watch boxing for? Sure I love to see a skillful fighter, but there is nothing like seeing a warrior putting his heart into a war for our entertainment. Dont be so precious about CVs, salute the boxing warriors - they are a different breed.

Glad Colin Harte is in as well, I have been reading his stuff for years, and one redeeming quality (that probably feeds some haters) is he just calls it, if he thinks a home fighter is getting tanked, he just says it. I'll take objective ****ysis all day long over the rank and predictable spin that is a staple for others.
he was all excited and thrilled when first introduced to Bert Gilroy's story, the authors sent him signed copies and a copy of Gilroy's 'actuallly' S****book, they spoke on the phone to Hart at great length. a few times!

Colin Hart was going to do a big peice on Bert's career, somehow, somewhere, someone stopped the enthusiasm, same with Boxing News- never done a story on him, nor covered Gilroy's HOF Induction, the Oldtimers page still won't revisit his career and even Brain Donald in Scotland.

seems there is still an awfull lot to hide when speaking of Bert Gilroy.

I like Colin Hart and he deserves the honour,
but it would've been nice to hear his veiws on Gilroy's career, and Boxing News, well that baffles the mind, he was one of BRITAIN's Finest ever fighters, just shows the true spirit of bias & fear in this country.
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