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Default Re: why do many boxing coaches think boxing is damn different from other sports???

Yap,that was the same story here until my coach realized he was blowing in the dark,so now he just let me do my own thing and some of the other boxers in the club as well.
But in other clubs were i was,that was atrocius.
The s&c advices were scary,really scary,and lets say in one example, we are talking here about a guy who has 3 AIBAS stars, and has 2 boxers in WSB.
The **** he does, and gets away for it..........
I think its an ego issue.Like why the hell would i ask someone for advices this is my club and im a ****ing BOXING coach,this aint no sissy sport.
But here its the same with thai boxing as well,do not touch the weights cause it will kill you attitude.

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