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Default Shoulder Muscle Pain - Help!

Right lads, basically my left shoulder keeps flaring up with a sharp pain. I did break my left colar bone in September 2011 and it's got a weird hinge to it. But now this pain has been around the muscle area, mainly around the deltroid and the tricep.

I pulled the muscle about a month ago and took about 3-4 weeks off of Boxing, also saying that, everytime I take time off and get back to training it takes time for my shoulder to get into the swing of things. Such as using the pads and when I skip I get a burning sensation in the muscle and around the colar bone.

My two main questions are, Would the break have damaged the muscle? It was never really like this before. Also I don't think a muscle pull would last a month.. has anyone got any idea of what it could be/ how to treat it?

Thanks, take care!
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