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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
Did this horse**** actually look realistic to you as you wrote it? Why didn't anyone else think of that - hey, I'll just punch him in the arm! Maybe because it's next to impossible to do effectively. Vlad would keep his tree trunk like arm out in Marciano's face, use it push Marciano down and back, and SNAP IT as a jab. Vlad has done this in many fights. It's not a "lazy" jab. He leaves his arm out there as a barrier to keep you outside where he wants you, and he jabs with it, but he's very hard to hit clean because of his footwork and sense of distance.
This is my last post to you as its clear you know very little about both fighters.
The Rock used intentionally hit fighters on the arms. I did not make it up you clown. He would would rip they're biceps out of place to the point where they could not hold up they're arms anymore. You're done here.
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