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Default Re: Who were the most durable heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
So Vitali gets dropped by a livershot?

As I've said before at time, anyone can get dropped by that.
Even Mccall had to quit once against Tyson in a sparring match probably because of a livershot (after enormous amounts of sparring these 2 had).

I punched a friend pretty lightly in the liver when we were ****ing around( no pun intended) and he was already like holy**** this hurts ****ing bad.

Other 2 were true "chin *******s" on Vitali, though getting dropped by a tornado kick isn't really bad.
A spinning kick + 230 lbs guy is much worse than even a left hook from Wlad.
I think McCall complained about being hit in the back, which would not be surprising as it was one of the many fouls Tyson used to great effect


it was in the hip actually

as for you ****ing around with your friend

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