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Default Re: greatest aura of invincibility

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
I wouldn't say Tyson was thought to be unbeatable from his first professional fight it would of taken a little bit of time for him to be recognized as that, i would say it started around the 1986 mark or just pre to it so about 4-5 years, Listons in the way you look at it started 1956 but he had a 2 year break and really started around 1958 and went on until he met Ali in 1964 so 6 years, if you want to look at it from the Cleveland Williams fights as the start of his invincibility then it's 5 years although he was thought to be unbeatable before those 2 fights with Williams. The Williams fights just cemented him as being unbeatable even more
Except Liston already had a SD loss on his record

Tyson was annihilating guys without even breaking a sweat

Its close though
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