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Default Re: greatest aura of invincibility

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
Well SORREE if I offended anyone! but that's reality. I've never once seen the word "invincible" linked with Leonard's name

competent. skilled, talented are the three qualities that come to mind

the way Sugar had beaten Duran (he reminded me of Pee Wee Herman in a hit N run contest) in no way compares with the manner in which Tommy had achieved the same feat

Look at the manner in which hagler achieved the same result. He was criticized widely while Tommy induced fear throughout the sport and even said Hagler was shaking like a leaf

I suppose u didnt manage to see any difference in Tommy's build, nor would it make any difference to u. U wouldnt acknowledge it anyways. "Muscles? what the hell are those good for?"

looks like you're just trying to downplay the obvious while doing your best to pump up Leonard. you're just doing it with the wrong fighter
Yet tommy got blasted in 3 rounds and Leonard beat hagler.

Ive never ever seen 'invincible' linked to tommy hearns name, much less after a stoppage defeat to Leonard. Neither have i seen 'invincible' linked to Leonard either. I love both fighters but its hard to understand your reasoning for bigging up one and downplaying the other, other than you just dont like the guy.

I dont even know what you mean by 'downplaying the obvious', all i did was ask a straightforward question and got back a not-straightforward answer
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