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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

[rusak] "Actually, what you just did here is what reeks of fanboyism."

LOL. Actually ... ROTFL

[rusak] "You didn't say anything about styles"

Actually I did, earlier on, but you were too busy measuring your manhood to notice.

[rusak] "He doesn't have the tools to execute his style against Klitschko"

Damn, and that was a fight that I would have loved to have seen. Do you think that they'll repeat it on ESPN?

[rusak] "He never beat a single good large (let alone super) heavyweight. "

Yup, he just beat bums, I guess. Nobody he fought was any good. It's absurd to think that somebody like him could beat Wlad, who walks on water and benchpresses battleships while he's not flying around in his cape.

[rusak] "People are claiming he'd beat Vlad"

I think that he'd absolutely be able to beat Wlad ... and vice versa.

Again. They have never faced anybody like each other, and what we are doing here is pure speculation.

I don't buy the theory of the "massive size difference" automatically being a Klitscko win anymore than the theory that the moment Marciano hits Wlad's allegedly sugar-candy chin, Wlad dies and all his relatives go into shock from the impact.

It is my opinion that if you add up the sum of each fighter, and asked me to bet on it, I'd put my money on the Rock. But it wouldn't be a confident bet. And I think that this is pretty much all anybody can say.
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