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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yep i think when i look back on old fights the guys mentality was more savage even back in 90's.

The mentality and willingness to let go of big punches and time them and throw them properly and punch through is missing with a lot of guys nowadays.
Personally, I think this is inherent of the amateur/olympic scoring model that has been in place for a while. I'd be interested to know see if there is a direct correlation to that scoring system coming in (around '92 I think) to pro's finishing prowess/aggression. I'm speculating at this point, but it would make sense to me if that was the reason (or at least one of many). If you spend ten years as an am simply trying to land rather than trying to get your opponent out of there then that will be a hard habit to break and you may not necessarily realise you even need to work on that skill until later in your pro career.
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