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Default Re: How exactly does Pacquiao have a better resume than Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
You forget Pac beat Barrera, and JMM at there respected weight classes. How the hell is Morales low profile? Margarito was definitely avoided by mayweather, and Clottey arguably BEAT Cotto.. and avoided by Floyd.
When the WW division was hot... Cotto, Williams, Margarito, Mosley, Clottey, what did Floyd do? He retired. Pac MOVED UP to fight them. Mayweather came back to fight JMM, made him move way up to fight him, and even at that cheated him on the scales.
Floyd's resume is good. Pac's resume, when taken in to account of his size, is rediculous. 99% of esb never thought he'd beat DLH, after that it was due to DLH weight drain, then 95% didn't think he could beat Hatton, Cotto, so on and so on. Mayweather has beaten some of them... Pac DOMINATED them. Only guy Mayweather dominated that pac couldn't was JMM, but again made him move up and cheated him on the scales doesn't make it look to great.

Good post - what he's done for someone his size is incredible. He trumps Floyd's resume. Floyd has cherry picked since moving up from 130. His WW resume is an absolute joke considering he's been fighting at that weight since 2006 and he ducked 4-5 welterweights at their peak

Pacquiao has taken on guys who are naturally 2-3 divisions bigger than him.
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