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Default Re: Joe Louis the hardest a human can be punched ?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
A few comments on Joe Louis as the most perfect puncher who ever lived. Powerful legs, muscular structure, uncanny leverage and perfect balance make Louis the No1 heavyweight destroyer...Yet I reflect on a prime Louis hitting a human punching bag Abe Simon with everything in his ****nal for 13 rounds before Simon was stopped in 1941...
Thirteen rounds ! I cannot envision lumbering Abe Simon lasting 3 rounds with the prime Jack Dempsey who destroyed an iron jawed Jess Willard [really in the first round],
pancaked the crude but powerful Angel Firpo in 2 rounds, Fred Fulton in a minute, Carl
Morris and Gunboat Smith all in one round...Dempsey's style was akin to a Roberto Duran
in sheer viciousness and killer instinct whilst Joe louis's style was a forerunner of the great lightweight Alexis Arguello...Leverage and timing...My No#3 puncher was the young
powerhouse Mike Tyson... When young he was a force of nature....
Yes, but Abe Simon was a pretty good fighter. He was a very muscular 255, 6'4", and had some boxing skill. He stopped Jersey Joe Walcott. So if Louis dominated and won most every round and gradually and cautiously broke him down, dropping him four times en route to the stoppage, he cannot be blamed nor does it mean his power is any less. Dempsey went 15 with the smaller sized Gibbons. Louis went 15 with Farr. Sometimes they don't go, or don't go easily. It has nothing to do with punching power.
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