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Default Re: ESB Brit Forum Poster of the Year

Nearly all of the regulars have plenty to offer by way of opinion, some are perhaps lacking slightly in historical knowledge but you pick some of that up daily on here if you actually read the posts!

I have enjoyed some of the "vault" things that SPB has posted, the Wayne Alexander one was very thorough and tbh I had pretty much forgotten about him. Any boxing forum has the generic "Has Pac slipped?" and "Is Ward's resume better than Calzaghe's?" type of threads but the unsung heroes of the sport are the journeymen that have had 400 fights and only 25 wins and the guys that put in blood and guts for half their lives just to get knocked for a title shot through politics or marginalised by some "fans" for not having an unbeaten record.

It's nice that some people remember those guys and that they know their work will not be forgotten!
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