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Default Re: Hatton fights.Best atmosphere of any fight?

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
Atmosphere is not just noise.

Mike Tyson had the best atmosphere's, it could be deadly silent but..? The atoms in the universe had been rearranged by Mike Tyson, you just knew this was something different.

Aload of drunken football fans singing..? Does not always make the best atmosphere.
I agree 100+%

I've expereanced both, i've never felt a buzz in the air as there was for the Tyson/Holyfield 1 fight, the expectation & then the shift in the drama as the fight progessed juxtaposed the visible & invisible feel in the air that something dramatic was playing out. It all started on the thurday as everone hit town, slow pulse beat that ramped up by the hour to the 1st ring er ding.

2nd fight was an altogether weird menacing & moody atmosphere, a atmosphere of dread & desperation, proberbly based on the fact that all the punters who'd lumped on Mike in the 1st fight now doubled up on him to retrieve the $$$$ loses. Again that was such a surreal atmosphere.

At the Hatton/Mayweather fight, that was just a newbie drunken ****-up 24/7. Great charged atmosphere as we went down studio walk, but not really up there for me to be honest, just a footie atmosphere & when i was at the MGM for Pac/Hatton it all started to sound dated/corny & irritating,.

But again that atmosphere at the Pac/Hatton fight was totally charged & had a similar feel to a Tyson fight, it had nothing to do with Hatton or his fans though, it was all to do with Pac & the expected crowning of the next superstar. It was all about Pacman & that was the buzz in the air, the Hatton fans were just viewed as clowns are to a circus.

Cotto/Margarito again was another incredible atmosphere, such a buzz in the air from the thursday onwards. There's more to making an atmosphere than continually yelping out "There's only one Ricky Hatton".
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