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Default Re: why do many boxing coaches think boxing is damn different from other sports???

Originally Posted by 4eyes View Post
If your happy with his skills teaching then keep him and do what YOU feel is right for you conditioning wise. sounds like you know more about it then he does lol but allot of these guys are good solid skill teachers but just don't know much about conditioning, but if your not happy with the way he is teaching you boxing skills move on

the boxing skills he teaches are great,
he is really good with with the actual boxing
and i have learned a lot from him

but its just the ignorance that is quite annoying
especially when the guy is talking like an expert in
the field....

the thing is he is not first guy i met like this
and someone mentioned how old school guys in muay thai
similarly hate weights etc

i just find that funny many of these types of guys preach
bodyweight stuff and running
but in reality
dont even know the fundamentals of those...

like that bodyweight exercises are also resistance training
and if weights can make you stuff
a ton of bodyweight stuff can have a similar effect
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