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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
Floyd does not have a good chin, he has a great defense but when exposed he's been shaken by mediocre punches.
Stopped reading here. For a guy that's never been "officially" (discounting his voluntary one) down in his career, after 43 fights, it's very difficult to conceive how he doesn't have a good chin. Also, considering he has almost exclusively been the smaller man in his fights, his undefeated feat without ever having touch the canvas becomes more impressive.

tl;dr You have an awful lot to say that disregards common sense. All of Floyd's fights are one-sided, ALL of them. Opponents age overnight against Floyd.

Manny's best wins are against fighters coming off consecutive losses/poor performances, over-the-hill marquee names, at advantageous weights/catchweights. That includes DLH / Hatton / Cotto / Mosley / Margarito [his biggest/best wins]. Then you must take into consideration that he continues to refuse OSDT four years after the topic was first introduced. Yet he's some offensive puma who can't hurt a feather-fisted Tim Bradley (a legitimate mediocre boxer) or knock-down a 38/39 year old JMM?

Oh, and a slow 39 year old Marquez just Knocked Manny the **** OUT.

Interesting logic you've got there.
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